Improving management systems throughout Australia

We work with your organisation to conduct a comprehensive audit and determine your existing benchmarks for safety, human resources and training compliance. Interviews are conducted with key personnel at various levels of your organisation to help identify the stakeholder’s level of understanding and commitment to safety and training management. Having established this, we then proceed to make recommendations and devise effective solutions to match.

To ensure your ongoing compliance with current standards AIMS conducts annual reviews and surveys providing feedback and recommendations for further action.

Our expert team will work closely with you to identify the skill sets and competencies needed for operational tasks in your workplace, providing strategic advice on training management systems. We can also deliver the training or provide your trainers with the manuals and supporting documentation required to achieve the outcome.

The AIMS optimisation system is a holistic one. We identify the impact of human behaviour on areas such as safety, operational requirements, communication, environment and quality systems. This unique model allows you to standardise and manage the key components for effective business management and assists in reducing losses in the workplace.