Holistic Training and Simulation Integration

To assist in achieving best practice training it may not be practical or possible to assess employees competence under live run conditions for certain conditions or events. With the effective use of simulation these events can be created to provide behavioural observation on how the employee may react when confronted by such a situation.

These events maybe in areas such as –

  • Fire on the machine
  • Loss of steering
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Loss of brakes
  • Actions taken to respond to an emergency situation
  • Mine site safety hazards
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Tyre Management
  • Strata Faults & Hazards


Our simulator systems assist in the holistic training and assessment process and can provide additional benefits in the following areas:

  • Providing a new-recruit screening system
  • Providing effective refresher training for experienced operators
  • Monitoring and assessing the application of economical mining techniques
  • Monitoring behaviours in emergency situations not possible on the real mining equipment
  • Validation of operational safety procedures and employees application
  • Integrated training and assessment strategies will be developed where current simulation activities have been developed and are available

Principles for Simulation Management Success


Success in the utilisation of simulators is key to ensuring your investment is implemented correctly and is performing as a cost effective resource in the organisation.

When dealing with simulation companies always keep in mind that they are predominately graphics and IT engineers and not structural training designers.    This is why we have a global alliance with Thoroughtec Simulation as they understand the importance of having professional training designers develop the structural linkages to ensure simulation is a key component in developing productive, situational aware and safe employees. 

AIMS can assist you with any Simulation package you have purchased and work with you to ensure you are maximising your investment.