Improving safety and behaviour

AIMS personnel are professional risk and site safety facilitators.  We specialise in assisting companies to develop, maintain and manage professional risk management system to ensure site safety sytems and employee behaviour meets best practice standards.

Because we work on live-run projects we can provide current and up to date training in risk management.  Some of the training we provide to industry includes:

  • Hazard identification
  • Take 5 and pre-start behaviour
  • Facilitation of risk management in the workplace
  • Safe work procedure writing
  • Managing the risk assessment program
  • Legislative (WHS) compliance for risk management at work


Our systems and models have been designed to be current with the Work Health & Safety legislative requirements. Additionally, we design best practice models such as the DENCRA Principle shown on this page.  Our systems and models cover all aspects of risk management such as:

  • Consultation & communication
  • Facilitating the risk assessment
  • Risk control effectiveness
  • Information, training & instruction systems
  • Assessing competence
  • Implementation & monitoring systems

Our processes do not require your organisation to change its current systems of how you assess and quantify risk;  we simply provide additional structure to enhance your systems and ensure compliance. Give our consultants a call to discuss how this can benefit your organisation.

Case studies are available demonstrating how our risk management initiatives have enhanced business safety and productivity outcomes. For further details or enquiries contact one of our consultants or send us an email.