Resources and Assistance

Best Practice Systems

AIMS provides the latest resource material for transport and logistics sector based on current legislation and national standards.

Resource material can be contextualised to include your organisational standards and site specific operating and management systems.

Our training packages are developed for your site-based supervisors, trainers and assessors to use as a professional resource on or off the job, ensuring that standardisation of behaviour and work practices occur across a single site or across multiple sites within the same organisation.

Case studies are available for single and multiple site implementation and the sustainable benefits experienced. 

For further details or enquiries contact one of our consultants or send us an email.

Auditing Systems & Behaviour

AIMS provides qualified auditors to review management systems and workplace behaviour to ensure operations are working in accordance to company requirements. 

Our Situational Awareness and Sensory Proficiency Porgram for the transport and logisitc industry is best practice in providing enhanced workplace and self awareness skills and procedures to provide best practice safety performance and improved business profitability.


The following projects have resources previously developed by AIMS:

ROAD - projects completed

  • Refrigerated transport 
  • Bulk liquids
  • Livestock transport
  • Steel products transport
  • General and express freight
  • Load restraint systems
  • Fatigue management
  • Mass management
  • SASP Driving Program
  • NVHR systems

RAIL - projects completed

  • Human Factors Rail Program      
  • Rail receival operations
  • Rail loading operations - Iron Ore
  • Rail loading operations - Coal
  • Rail operations risk and hazard awareness training
  • Rail container (load / unload) operations
  • Shunting operations

PORT - projects completed

  • Newcastle Port Corporation—Contractor Induction Program
  • Harbour dredging operations
  • Shiploading operations
  • Port operations (COAL) trigger point system design
  • Port operations work permit system design
  • Break bulk cargo loading operations
  • Stevedoring operations
  • Working around mooring lines safety systems
  • Working over water and under wharf safety systems

LOGISTICS - projects completed

  • SSAN and SSDG handling and packing operations
  • Containerisation of aluminium product for export
  • Steel warehousing, loading and despatch operations
  • Bulk packing aluminium for export shipping
  • Motor vehicle loading, unloading and storage operations
  • Vessel unloading operations
  • Transport management planning