Resources and Assistance

Best Practice Systems

AIMS provides the latest resource material for the building and construction sector based on current legislation and national standards.

Resource material can be contextualised to include your organisational standards and site specific operating and management systems.

Our training packages are developed for your site-based supervisors, trainers and assessors to use as a professional resource on the job, ensuring that standardisation of behaviour and work practices occur across a single site or across multiple sites within the same organisation.

For further details or enquiries contact one of our consultants or send us an email.

Auditing Systems & Behaviour

AIMS provides qualified auditors to review management sytems and workplace behaviour to ensure operations are working in accordance to company requirements. 

We also provide supervisory training that focus on improving the key non-technical skills.  These skills enhance site safety and performance due to supervisors have a better knowledge of leadership systems, such as:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Leadership Techniques
  • Communication Systems
  • Understand Human Factors
  • Decision Making
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement


The following areas have resources previously developed by AIMS:

  •  Construction safety management systems
  • Construction company quality management system including test inspection quality controls
  • Construction company environmental management systems
  • Training plans
  • Major hazard risk assessments and safe work method statements
  • Construction site induction training programs
  • Construction site safety inspection programs
  • Electrical sub-station construction projects
  • Tilt slab construction projects
  • Specific construction equipment training packages


Spercific Civil construction projects:

  • Civil construction safety management systems
  • Civil construction environmental management systems
  • Pacific highway upgrade safety management system
  • Road grading operations
  • Excavator and dozer operations
  • Roller and compaction operations
  • Drainage and water management operations
  • Forest clearing and habitat operations
  • Various civil construction equipment training packages