Professional Services in Safety & Leadership

The Australian Institute of Mining and Safety (AIMS) provides expert safety and training advice across the mining and other key industries in Australia. Our consultants work with you to assess your needs and develop strategies, including safety training, which can be tailored to your business and delivered in the most effective means. We provide easily understood project management plans and associated literature as well as ongoing support after implementation. Our expert team has many years of practical management and consultancy experience working with the following sectors - 

  • mining
  • engineering services
  • resource processing
  • infrastructure
  • oil and gas
  • utilities
  • timber and forestry
  • civil construction
  • materials handling
  • port and stevedoring operations
  • heavy industry
  • building and construction
  • transport, logistics and warehousing
  • manufacturing
  • government agencies

About our company

AIMS is an organisation that bases its entire operational style on open collaboration with clients and stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcomes for every project since 2004.

AIMS ability to effectively deliver any type of project through different delivery methods is underpinned by our core value of working together with our clients.

AIMS acknowledge, that while the end product is important, the journey forms a significant part of the overall success of a project. Our team of professional consultants have the tenacity and technical ability to tackle complex projects, and a genuine desire to understand and work with our clients and stakeholders to realise their vision.

It is for this reason our team members are afforded the opportunity to deliver some of Australia’s leading mining, engineering, transport and logistics, infrastructure, utilities and safety projects. 

Our expertise in technical and structural design is allowing projects to accomplish ‘world-class” benchmarks in system design and compliance.

Increasing the operational efficiency of an organisation is easy when the right systems are in place. Our consultants are specialists in showing business owners how to implement standard operating systems that deliver higher profitability gains.